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Karma Dog Training: Testimonials


Our puppy Garcia is 15 months. People always say that he is adorable, but very hyperactive. He chewed our shoes, sofa, socks, etc, etc! Jeff spent the first session with us and completely changed Garcia's behavior. We were amazed at the results. The only regret we have is that we waited so long to find someone like Jeff. He taught us in 1 1/2 hours a gentle and easy way to train our dog. Our puppy looks happy and calm. We can't wait for the next session!

Fabiana Lamm
School Psychologist

When we recently found a stray Pit Bull wandering the streets, our intention was to give her shelter for a few days and then find her a permanent home. But after doing some research on the web, we found out that Pit Bulls or preferably "Staffordshire Terriers" are possibly the most misunderstood breed of all. The truth is that they are fiercely loyal, gentle and loving and incredibly intelligent. Also, unfortunately, they are usually the first in line to be euthanized at the shelters. After spending a few days with "Daisy," we knew we had a diamond in the rough and decided to "rescue" her. While doing this research on the web, we found Jeff's Karma Dog Training and immediately enrolled in group classes. In a matter of just a couple of sessions, we established an understanding and communication with Daisy, and we learned to be consistent with OUR behavior. Daisy responded beautifully to Jeff's expertise, which was enhanced by the fact that Jeff has Pit Bulls himself and understands the breed. Daisy loved going to class every week, sitting striaght up in the car when we got close to the park on Saturday mornings. Jeff has a way with dogs that is gentle but assertive, and Daisy learned quicker than we could ever have imagined.We hired Jeff for a private hiking session to monitor Daisy's response to other dogs and Jeff found that she is great with other dogs. It was US that needed to keep OUR emotions in check! As a result of a few classes with Jeff, we have now been trained to communicate with Daisy and thus give her a better life, while at the same time providing us with a perfectly behaved and beautiful dog. So much happiness for so little! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND JEFF AND KARMA DOG TRAINING!

Jeff & Toni Vanston

I had over 40 people (adults and small children) over on Sunday to celebrate David 's birthday. Teddy and Jake had their citronella collars on and were perfect angels! They hardly barked and there was no aggression from Jake whatsoever. They were timid but not shaking and scared like they had been in the past with lots of people in the house. I owe their change in behavior to your wonderful training and techniques. They are no longer the pack leaders and are happy to have their status. Teddy is more gentle with Jake – I don't remember the last time he started a fight with his brother. It's great to have these tools at our disposal! Thanks, Jeff. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Sheila & David Gilbert

Thank God for Jeffrey! When I went to his web site I got a good feeling about his respect for dogs and patience with people. He gave a lot of time with me on the phone while I explained our situation. We decided to sign up for classes and it has been literally a life-saver.
Jeffrey really looks at the needs of each person and dog. He puts the dogs needs first, which is how it should be for a real dog lover. He is very clear and gentle in explaining dog behavior and communication. His handouts are great and well organized so you can practice at home. For Humphrey, the goal was not so much how to sit, stay, etc., but for him to gain trust and comfort being around people and other animals.
Thanks to Jeffrey Humphrey is now a firmly established part of the family.

Thanks so much,
Judy, Roger and Brian (and Humphrey)

Having rescued Zamboni, a 4-year-old pit bull mix who had been caged for six months, we decided we wanted to get some guidance with training. Our veterinarian who had been caring for Zamboni recommended Jeffrey Liebowitz and we were encouraged to see that he was an owner of three pit bulls himself. What struck us most upon meeting him was his true love and empathy for dogs. Thanks to excellent advice, materials, & homework by Jeffrey in both private and group lessons, Zamboni is a wonderful and well-trained dog who even Jeff commented was an A+ student. When out in public, people often comment how well-behaved Zamboni is. Thanks Jeff!

David Secor & Brandon Leger
This past year, I decided I was finally going to take the plunge and get the dog I always wanted. I chose the biggest dog I could find; the English Mastiff. And when I finally got my puppy, I realized something very quickly... I didn't know anything about raising a puppy! I knew I had to learn to have a well-behaved dog, rather than a 200 pound monster. I called other dog trainers and they were interested in domination and aggressive training, which is not my personality at all. I came across Jeffery Brian, and am I ever glad I made that call. He taught me how to get behaviors that I wanted and avoid behaviors that were unwanted. His phone line was always opan and was always willing to talk "dog" with me whenever I needed his advice. He made having a puppy an easy, loving, enjoyable experience, rather than a dominating, frustrating experience. Thanks Jeffrey!

Adam Zeise
School Teacher

Dear Jeff,

Luke, Sammy and I thank you for bringing so much light, love and happiness into our lives. It's not easy to contain the often uncontrollable energy of two male puppies only 1 1/2 months apart. You listened with your heart and opened our eyes and ears to the language of each other. You showed us the way through the perfect blend of energy expertly knowing when to reward, when to ignore, and how to achieve the ultimate goal; for Luke and Sammy, click and treat, and for me, happy well behaved, well adjusted puppies.

Debra Ziven

When choosing which dog would be right for me, Jeff instinctively knew which one was the perfect match for me, even though his opinion was different than what everyone else was suggesting and I couldn't be any happier with my new whippet puppy.
Most of my dog parent friends wanted me to use aggression and force to train my dog but that just didn't feel right for me. Using Jeff's "training with tranquility" program I had my new pup behaving nicely with out hurting or scaring her.
Thank you so much Jeff!

Jen Bush
Floral Designer
Jeff, You have made a world of difference in my relationship with my dogs. I have had Pokey for 14 years and it is not true that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Pokey was learning right along with my new little 6 month old Bella. You made it very easy and enjoyable to teach Bella to go for a walk with me and to do many other things that I did not know how to teach her. Thank you so much for your patience (with me) and gentle way with my dogs. We are grateful.

Jeannie Payne

There is no single person who loves dogs more then Jeffrey Liebowitz. Jeff Brian's training methods have taken our puppy at 8 weeks (now 5 months) and turned him into a well trained, behaved and adjusted dog. All of our friends, neighbors, vet, the people at his doggy day care, groomers, etc. are astounded at his progress and behavior. Jeff's positive training and love of dogs is incredible to experience.

Joanie Kern,
Literary Agent

My dog and I have always had a good relationship and I've always known she had the potential to listen and respond to my commands more, but it just wasn't there. Jeffrey Liebowitz was the bridge in our communication. With Jeff's training and guidance, she listens and responds more than I could have ever hoped for and we have actually grown closer. Not only has Dioji become a better pet, Jeff has helped me become a better pet owner. I finally have the dog that I've always envied and I'm loving it!

Rose Geddes

Karma Dog Training's Jeffrey Liebowitz is the best of the best. We were so lucky to find a local trainer who cared so much about his work. Jeffery has a true love for the dogs he's teaching and they can feel it. His teaching methods are unique, pain-free, fear-free and methodical. There is no question that he has created a program that works wonders. In a few short visits, Jeffrey had earned our dogs trust and created an environment where learning could happen. Our two boxers were so lucky to have him! Charlie, our brand-new puppy, benefited by Jeffrey's patience and repetitive methods. Jeffrey always has the treats in hand, and he demands respect during training. Stella, our 3-year-old deaf boxer, is filled with unique challenges that Jeffrey Liebowitz embraced. He did hours of research into training deaf dogs and the research paid off. Not only does Jeffrey work wonders while he's in-home, he provided my husband and I with tricks to continue training after he he left. Karma Dog Training practices what it preaches: The creation of a loving environment where pets come first. From day one, we knew that Jeffrey was the real deal. He had us complete an extensive questionnaire about our pets and our lifestyle. He interviewed us to learn our approaches to pet care. Finally, he created a binder full of tips, techniques, and anecdotes so that we could study between visits. It was so great to work with a professional who is clearly devoted to his trade. Our dogs have benefited so much by having Jeffrey Liebowitz in their lives!

Kimberly and Josh Gausman

Jeffrey Liebowitz's Karma Dog Training is #1 in our book. We had an instant connection when our puppy Sam met Jeff---that's because he always puts the dog first. His masterful method does the rest. In just a few short sessions we have seen a transformation of Sam. Jeff's vast knowledge, caring and compassion along with his great energy and focus on Sam is why Jeff is our personal "dog whisperer". He is a perfect match for any dog parent or anyone who has a "puppy gone wild".

Jack and Susan Goldinger,
Manager Creative Services, Sony Pictures Television International

I was referred to Jeffrey Liebowitz moments away from getting kicked out of the home I was renting with my two dogs, Josie and Gracie, in tow. Though I was renting from a dear friend, a "digging problem" started happening with my dogs in her garden! Not a good thing! Jeff quickly discerned the nature of my dogs (both are rescues) and the environment in which I had them (both indoors and outdoors). His guidance was practical, easy to implement, and best of all – effective!! My dogs, who are normally skittish around strangers, almost instantly bonded with Jeff - a true testimony to their trust in someone who has their best interests at heart! (Oh, and my roommate loves the dogs...again.) Thanks Jeff!!!

Kim Dorr
Talent Agent/ Presbyterian Minister

Jeffrey Liebowitz's wisdom, guidance and caring helped me and my husband transform our little Juliette from a devil to an angel.

Audrey Lachman,
Kindergarten School Teacher

Jeff Brian is the only one in the world I would trust with my 2 dogs Gigi and Vinetta. He is such a sweet and caring soul and my dogs love him so much! His enlightened approach to dog training is refreshing and wonderful!

Jeanne Bauer,

Through Jeffrey Liebowitz's experience and knowledge I developed the confidence to turn my abused pitbull into the angel that I now have. Without him she would still be an abused dog running the streets of Los Angeles. Thanks to Jeffrey my dog Isis is the new and best addition to my family. We will forever be grateful.

Christina Cerilli,
Massage Therapist
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